Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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Import of WAEBRU component file

A component file created with the application package WAEBRU V6.0 can be imported into AnTherm and automatically converted into AnTherm project file nearly without any changes.

Please observe following remarks:

  • A .2BT file (a two dimensional WAEBRU model) will be converted to AnTherm's 2D project .
  • A .3BT file (a three dimensional WAEBRU model) will be converted to AnTherm's layered 3D project .
  • If there is a raster-file corresponding to the imported WAEBRU component available within the same folder (name.2RA or name.3RA), rasterising parameters used to create this file (and stored within it) will be imported also and converted to fine grid parameters of the AnTherm's project.
  • Each "power source" element of a WAEBRU model is converted into two respective elements of AnTherm. The first one as a material element and the second element as power source extent of same dimensions - overlapping the corresponding material element.
  • Names of component groups and components assigned to elements within the WAEBRU file are converted to group assignments of each element.
  • Element coordinates stored within WAEBRU file are always read rounded at third decimal position.
  • Project description is transferred unchanged from WAEBRU file.
  • Reinforcing bars (neither diagonal nor parallel to axes) will not be imported in current version!
  • During the import of a WAEBRU file <name>.?BT AnTherm will also attempt importing a corresponding vapour model from a subfolder DAMPF (created with MueInp - an internal DAMPFBRU tool) thus loading the vapour transfer coefficients (µ) also.
  • If the imported WAEBRU file originated from an instationary (transient, harmonic) application variant of WAEBRU (iwaebru), AnTherm will import heat capacity and mass density (ρ and c) properties of materials

Remark: Some imported WAEBRU component files can contain coordinate values saved with rounding errors due to (that time common) number representation. To compensate for such rounding errors AnTherm will always round coordinates read from the WAEBRU file at third desimal position (WAEBRU allows entry of only to decimal places, but it writes four decimal places to the file saved). Following arguments of the WAEBRU file are concerned: Ex1, Ex2, Ey1, Ey2, Edis, BGDicke.

Remark: If the import from a WAEBRU file is not successful an error message will be shown. The resulting AnTherm project will be empty.

Remark: A WAEBRU file can be dragged from windows file explorer and dropped over the main application window as a shortcut for quick import.

See also: Working with files

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