Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137.0 

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Chi-Value Calculator

The Chi Value is the point thermal transmission coefficients. You can enter everything manually in the Chi Value Calculator or use the tools that AnTherm already provides.

  1. Leitwert 3D: In case of a 3D model, this is automatically calculated by AnTherm. The Leitwert 3D can be manually entered or automatically derived from the Thermal Coupling Coefficients report by first performing all the calculations and then opening the Chi Calculator.

  2. U-Value: It is possible to use the U-Value Calculator included in AnTherm by clicking the button "Layered construct".

  3. Area: This must be entered manually by the user.
  4. Then you get U * A.
  5. For the Psi Calculations you can use the manual Psi Calculator, included in AnTherm. (If you created 2D slices of the model that show the corners, you can use the automatic Psi Calculator to derive U-Values and lengths.) To access the Psi Calculator, click the respective button. For the Psi computation in the manual Psi Calculator, you also need the Leitwert 2D.

  6. It is required to perform a separate calculation for each Psi value. By clicking "OK" you copy the result of the calculation into the Chi Calculator.

  7. It is possible to save these calculations and make a screenshot (camera icon).


See also: Coupling Coefficient Report, Material Report Psi-Value Calculator (Tool), U-Value Calculator (Tool), Project types, Thermal transmittance coefficient, Zur Berechnung von Ψ-Werten für Baukonstruktionen im Bereich bodenberührter Bauteile, EN ISO 14683, EN ISO 13789

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