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Export 3D scene to file

Graphical 3D views can be saved to saved to 3D scene files (VRML, IV, OOGL, ...).

In contrast to two dimensional images which can be saved to image files or transferred via clipboard, the three dimensional scene file is ideal to be transferred to other three dimensional application for further processing.

A 3D scene consists exclusively of 3D object which can be combined with available building constructions in other applications and rendered therein also (rotated, lighted, over sampled etc.)

A 3D scene file can be offered within a 3D viewer (integrated in modern internet browsers) and being presented on the internet for virtual viewing.

Remark: This function is only available if there is a 3D window  (Elements3D, Results3D) active.

A 3D scene can be saved to the file in one of following formats:

  • X3D (.x3d)
  • X3D-Binary (.x3d) - default
  • POV-Ray (.pov)
  • VRML 2.0 (.vml)
  • Geomview (.oogl)
  • OpenInventor 2.0 (.iv)
  • Wavefront ASCII (.obj and .mat)
  • Renderman (.rib)
Lately chosen export format will be initially offerred.
A confirmation (or an error) message is displayed upon export completion.

When save operation is repeatedly used the index file name will be offered. If the name recently used ends with digits, then the numeric pattern of same length will be created (Name_0001, _0002 a.s.o.). If the recent name does not end with digits, then a three digits long index will be offered.
Important: The new free index will be used, i.e. if recently Name_0005 has been saved, but yet Name_0001 does not exist, this Name_0001 will be proposed followed by _0002,_0003,_0004 and later _0006, ....

Remark: An export to a Wavefront OBJ file <name.obj> will create the MAT file (contains material properties) <name.mat> also.

Remark: An export to a Renderman RIB file creates on the .rib file only. TIF image is not created. To render the file RenderMan or a RenderMan-Emulator (e.g. Blue Moon Ray Tracer BMRT) is required. This export converts against following Renderman shaders:a) Normal property, no texture map -, b) Normal property with texture map -; Both shaders must be compiled into the rendering package used to process the file.

Important: The RIB and OBJ exporter create (also) a rendering based on the size constraints for Image Exporter (Width/Height).


See also: Export image to file, Menu File→Export→Scene 3D...

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