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Condensing Humidity (dew point) Calculator (Tool)

Condensing Humidity (dew point) Calculator (Tool) in AnThermThe Condensing Humidity Calculator (Dew Point Calculator) is used for rapid calculation of the surface dew point (i.e. relative humidity above which there is condensation probability on the surface) resulting from the input of surface and space air temperatures.

This tool can be started form the menu Tools.

Space Temperature The temperature of the space air.
Surface Temperature The temperature of the surface under consideration
Condensing Humidity The resulting dew point (maximum safe relative air humidity)
Mould Growth Humidity The resulting maximum safe relative air humidity to avoid mould growth
Corroding Humidity The resulting maximum safe relative air humidity to avoid corrosion


The formulas used for this dew point calculation are defined in the by formulas of partial pressure as shown in the EN ISO 13788:2002.


Note: You shall switch between input fields by using the TAB-key. Using that key confirms the data entry. On the other hand it provides a good alternative compared to permanent mouse use.

Additional remarks

  • The standalone version of the tool can be invoked with an argument of "en" or "de" to work in the language different from the operating system default.


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