Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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3-D Navigation (control panel)

3-D Navigation (control panel)The control panel 3-D Navigation is used to adjust the position of resulting 3-D view. The controls of this panel guide the movements of camera (the viewer) of the three dimensional scene.

Reset Reset the camera position to its standard placement.
  • X/Y plane parallel to the view plane.
  • Z axis points towards the viewer.
  • Y axis points vertically upwards (zenith).
  • X axis points horizontally to the right.

The scaling of the image is adjusted automatically to fit the view.

Fit The position and scaling of the view will be adjusted in such a way, that the whole building construction is visible within the view window.
+/- The camera is moved forwards or backwards.
While in parallel projection it is equivalent to scaling the view.
Side views The camera is moved to one of side view positions (back, front, bottom, top, left, right)
Remark: Hold one of the modifier keys (Alt, Ctrl or Shift) depressed while pressing the button to view animated transformation of the position. The duration of the animation is set via the advanced application setting "DesiredFlyToSeconds".
Rotations The camera is moved at the surface of a sphere (the distance to the object is constant) or the camera is tilted.
Rotations are executed at steps of 30° (angle degrees).
Panning The camera is panned horizontally or vertically in the view plane.
Panning is executed at steps of 10 pixels.
Perspective Switches the 3-D view between perspective projection and parallel projection .
The parallel projection is useful for 2D models or slice views (see also side views here above).
Psi Toggles the graphical representation of the Psi value evaulation on or off.
Stereo Provides switching between monocular view (standard) and several stereo viewing (binocular) modes.
Remark: Eventually additional hardware and license extensions might be required.
Remark: That control element is shown disabled if there are no stereo modes available.
Collect Isometry The current isometry (the 3-D transformation) will be added (collected) to the list of isometries.
The list of isometries can be edited within the window isometries (named with an arbitrary name) or required isometry can be selected from there.
The list is saved within the project file.
The Isometries window will be exposed also.
Show Isometries The Isometries window will be exposed.
Restore Adjusts the application setting to restore to the recent Camera position on next initial display of a 3D window.
For more details see: Application setting "Restore last Camera Position"
Orientation marker
Active style Turns on or of the display of the orientation marker
Moveable If turned off all mouse events will be directed to the 3D evaluation - the orientation marker cannot be sized nor moved anymore.

Further possibilities and details of 3D-Navigation with mouse or the keyboard are described in "3D Navigation within 3D windows".

Remark: Type of 3D projection (parallel or perspective) can be also set within General control panel or from the View menu within Main menu.

Remark: From the Isometries window you can restore saved isometry by a double click onto the requested one.

Orientation Marker of the 3D Resuts windowRemark: You can interactively manipulate the position and the size of the orientation marker. It reacts to to left mouse events and mouse movement when set to be moveable. The shape of the cursor will change based on its location. If the cursor is over the orientation mark the cursor shape will change to a resize or move shape.
Orientation mark settings are saved automatically within application settings file.

See also: Results 3D window, General (control panel), 3D Navigation within 3D windows, TrackBall Rotation, Isometries window, The Main menu

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