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Which version variant is sufficient to my needs?

Pricing of AnTherm licenses is structured depending on capabilities of the AnTherm version ordered. Capabilities of the basic heat transfer analysis version can be extended with addition of extensions ( VAPOUR, TRANSIENT, STEREO3D, etc.).
Access to regular updates is ensured by the update subscription plan (software maintenance).

Convince yourself how useful and profitable the Thermal Bridges Program AnTherm can be to you. Try the calculation of some real examples of thermal heat bridges using the demonstrational evaluation version.

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Which variant of the various capacity versions is sufficient to your needs is explained further in the description of various capability variants of the software.

Please observe terms of the User License and General Terms and Business Conditions.

To use the program you will obviously need a User License and an Activation Key.

See also: Which capability variant is sufficient for me?, VAPOR-option, Software Care/Update-Subscription

Convince yourself about the advantages of AnTherm, heat transfer analysis software, brings to your daily work. Try your own heat bridge models using the demonstrational evaluation version.

Software care / maintenance / Update subscription

The software maintenance plan (update subscription) ensures your right to receive most current updates to your licenses - you will receive all updates made available during your valid subscription period - providing clear plan of maintenance costs and of your software budget.
The subscription fee is calculated as percentage of current license price billed ahead quarterly. Due to purchase of additional licenses, license extensions or changes of license fees and prices, the subscription fee is adjusted accordingly. The update subscription starts by the next quarter to the license purchase, binding for three years, then extending yearly for one additional year.

Additional information - Updates

Buying the license or paying installments or even rent?

Beside the purchase license model, with which you pay once a unique amount for the software, there is model of installment which allows you to distribute the payment over many months or there is also a rental model taking care of your budget.

With a settlement of a installment you by the license to use the software for generally unlimited time and distribute your payment to many months depending on the settlement agreed..

Renting the license gives you further advantages. You also spread the costs over the time but the right to use the software (the license) terminates after agreed period..

For renting a software licenses, license upgrades, competitive upgrades, transferable licenses or reseller licenses or any other special or reseller agreements please request a proposal by sending an e-mail.

We will always try our best to meet wishes and needs of our licensees and customers by inventing and finding creative and flexible solutions.

Interested? Contact us for more information.

Or try and evaluate the demonstrational version just now!

Reseller, Distributors and Service Partners

Ask our distribution partners for AnTherm and further valuable services and products!

Büro für Bauphysik - Ao. Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Klaus Kreč baubook GmbH International Building Performance Simulation Association

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Interested? Contact us for more information.

Or try and evaluate the demonstrational version just now!

Wärmebrücken berechnen (AnTherm)
Psi-Wert Rechner
U-Wert Rechner
Luft-Hohlraum Rechner
Grenzfeuchte (Kondensfeuchte) Rechner
METEONORM - Klimadatenbank und Wettergenerator
Thermal Bridges Calculation (AnTherm)
Psi-Value Calculator
U-Value Calculator
Air Cavity Calculator
Condensing Humidity (dew point) Calculator
METEONORM - Climate- and Weather Generator
Mostki cieplne (AnTherm)
METEONORM - generator Klimatu i Pogody
CE Gefährdungsanalyse MaschCE
CE Hazard Analysis MaschCE
CE Analiza zagrozen MaschCE
SolRad3 Sonnenstrahlung
GEBA Gebäudesimulation
Bücher Bauphysik

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